Our tips for hosting a Beach Bash

A few weeks ago we got the gang together for a beach bash bonfire party and boy was it good! Vic got the fire started, we set the scene and everyone rolled in after a hard days work. It was the perfect way to relax, unwind and just enjoy each others company.

If you like the look of our gathering then we’ve shared all the elements that you will need to throw your very own beach bash below…

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You will need…

1. TIME/ The best beach bash’s are hosted on dusk… It’s a great temperature, not too busy, beautiful light and you can have a fire…
2. PLACE/ Find a good spot… Nice secluded beaches work best, set up away from the waters edge and in a flat area
3. ATMOSPHERE/ Portable music player and epic playlist, let the good times roll…
4. COMPANY/ Good mates and fun conversation
5. COMFORT/ A few Roundies to sit on (because sand can get a little cold once the sun goes down)
6. WARMTH/ A beach fire is pretty essential
7. DRINKS/ A beach cart full of ice and drinks…
8. FOOD/ Simple easy food…Keep an eye out for our next post for our favourite seaside feast recipes

Photography- Matt Johnson
Daisy, Lu & Holli wearing – Yoli & Otis

xx TBP

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