Our tips for beating 2.30 itis

Call it what you like but even the most efficient of us experience some sort of afternoon slump. Next time you are reaching for that chocolate bar or that third cuppa joe, try some of our uplifting ideas for beating 2.30 itis during your working day.

1. Take the office pup for a walk.

If you don’t have an office pup, just a stroll around the block will do to refresh your mind. This is Vic’s puppy Duke…



2. Try a cup of Natural and Abundant tea.

Delicious locally grown lemon myrtle tea, see more @natural_and_abundant



3. Take a quick dip in the ocean!

The perfect refresh! For those moments when you have been out visiting clients all morning but need to return to the office and power through the afternoon.



4. A cocktail at Halcyon House.

Maybe keep this one up your sleeve for those early Friday knock offs with your work pals! @_halcyonhouse


The-Beach-People-12-768x511Image credit: @wonderfulmamaoffical

5. A scrub at Rae’s on Wategos

Perfection! @raesonwategos



xx TBP

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