Visions and Actions Journal

A journal designed to guide you all the way from day-to-day routines, to big picture goals and dreams. The pages have been formulated to give you the best opportunities to create success in the most realistic and practical ways. Featuring tried and tested routines, rituals, practices, knowledge, advice and tips to ease you into this journey and provide you with all the tools needed to action, implement and achieve!

One of the greatest ways to turn your visions into action is consistency. Remember, many small actions practised day after day, week after week and even year after year, will all contribute towards your big picture goals and ultimate vision. As long as you stay true to your purpose and hold on to your passions, anything is truely possible. 

Product Specs
  • Designed in Australia by the Collective Hub
  • Size: 20 x 13 x 3cm
  • Please note that as this product is covered with natural linen and that it might vary in shade slightly from product to product.